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The Profiles of Interviews Gone Wrong

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

Feb 10, 2016 9:30:00 AM

The Profiles of Interviews Gone WrongI am certain that each of you have read countless articles on what to do in interviews and how to handle yourself throughout the interview process in order to get your dream job. In my almost 15 years at Major, Lindsey & Africa, I have seen candidates make a variety of mistakes despite their tenure and experience on their resumes. Hopefully, you will read this blog and take some practical advice away with you as I share the classic profiles of the people who make missteps in an interview.

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Topics: recruiting, job interview

Defining Leadership (Part 3)

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

Jun 25, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Defining Leadership, Part 3You’ve decided you want to become a leader within your organization or take on a leadership role somewhere new. You must understand that if you want it, you will have to work for it. You can’t just rest on your laurels. You have a lot of work to do whether you are a born leader or not. To become a leader, you will need to:

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Defining Leadership (Part 2)

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

Jun 11, 2015 11:30:00 AM

Defining Leadership, Part 2It has been said that leaders are born, not made. As a legal recruiter, I see candidates every day who have it and those who don’t. I personally believe people fall into one of three categories: those who 1) are born with it, 2) are made into it and 3) don’t have it or want it.

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Topics: leadership, hiring

Defining Leadership (Part 1)

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

May 28, 2015 1:01:45 PM

Leadership, Part 1I was recently asked to speak about leadership at a business development event. At first, I chuckled. Who am I to speak about leadership? Leadership is a pretty deep topic. But then I gave it some more thought. I might be the perfect person to discuss this. For 14 years, I have been retained by Major, Lindsey & Africa’s clients to evaluate leadership and leadership potential.

Every time MLA embarks on a high level or General Counsel search, inevitably our clients ask us for the intangible skill sets related to leadership (sometimes characterized as gravitas, consigliore, etc.). But what exactly does the elusive skill of leadership look like? What is leadership really?

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Topics: leadership, hiring

Local Candidates Strongly Preferred

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

Dec 9, 2014 3:47:00 PM

Local Candidates Strongly PreferredI often work with clients who have a strong preference for local candidates. Non-local candidates who are interested in such open positions will still contact me about the role. Usually, they are mostly qualified, solid candidates who tell me that relocation shouldn’t be an issue, because they will pay their own relocation costs.

When our job specification says “Local Candidates Only” or “Local Candidates Strongly Preferred,” it is because the client, in conjunction with Major, Lindsey & Africa’s consult, has determined that they can find great talent in the local market. While great talent exists all over the United States, there are several reasons why our clients choose to restrict the candidate pool for the search:

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Topics: job interview, local candidates, candidates

Adaptation Key for Defense and Aerospace Lawyers in Greater Washington Region

Posted by Deb Ben-Canaan

Jul 14, 2014 4:24:52 PM

Living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is unique. The history and the sheer beauty of our nation’s capital cannot be replicated. We are also keenly aware that the defense and aerospace industry is a keystone to this iconic geography.

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Topics: aerospace, defense, national defense, aerospace regulation

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