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Flying Through the Storm:
An Interview with Peter Carter, CLO of Delta Air Lines

Featured Articles - Issue 10

Advice to Young Lawyers

Our legal mavericks featured throughout this issue share the advice they wish they had known when they were starting out:

Brandon Cuffy: Have a plan. It doesn’t need to be fully baked, but have a plan on how to get from where you are to a milestone you want to achieve. Drill down into the minute details of what would take you from milestone one to milestone two. Having a plan and seeing the end goal makes it easier to achieve.


Paul Gilbert: There is no one path and no straight line to success. The important thing is to choose a path, start moving and, if it doesn’t get you where you want to go, just make an adjustment and try another way. Stay on the path until it no longer works, and keep tweaking your approach as you get closer to your goal. As you approach your goals, tweak those too so that you can continue to grow!


Sara O’Reilly: The best bit of advice I ever got was from my dad. He said, “There are only two ways to bet in this world. You’re either betting on yourself or you’re betting against yourself. If you bet against yourself, you’re never going to win. If you bet on yourself, you’re not always going to win, but you’re at least giving yourself a chance.


Joseph Reid: Always be thinking a couple years ahead. That was something I did when I came into my first big firm. I tried to look at who the rock-star third years and superstar fifth years were and what each of them was doing so that I could plan a path for myself. To be considered a star at this firm, I needed to be doing this by my third year and that by my fifth, and I kept watching those people as I moved up. It’s hard to do because every lawyer’s path is so unique, but make that checklist so you know where you are headed and that you are in good standing.


Lucantonio N. Salvi: Get to know your clients and their businesses. Always play chess in your head—what they care about and what their next move should be—and then help get them there. If you develop a close professional relationship, you can have an incredible amount of fun and have doors opened for you that you never imagined were there.


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