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Featured Articles - Issue 8

Ask a Recruiter: Your Questions Answered

In several recent webinars, our recruiters and panelists answered your questions about negotiations and career progression:

Q: What is the ideal way to negotiate equity?

A: This is about understanding the compensation culture. Oftentimes, the equity amount is set. It also depends on the candidate’s expectations around equity. If a company cannot make a movement on equity, they might be able to make a movement somewhere else.

Q: How much should cost of living differences play into the offer?

A: They should definitely play into the offer, and there are cost-of-living calculators online to help you know how much of a difference you may be facing. Companies know when they are in geographies that are more expensive and their compensation needs to account for that piece. If you use an online calculator to measure the difference between where you live now and where you are moving to, you can create mental estimates of how much more salary you will need. Most employers will use their own internal calculators, and you should expect a difference between their estimates and what you find yourself.


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Q: As a diverse attorney, how do I make sure I continue to be “seen” and “heard” in meetings and outside of meetings to be considered for a GC role?

A: It is important to build effective relationships throughout the organization and, most importantly, with members of the executive team if you have the opportunity to do so. Be proactive and strategic when it comes to relationship building—don’t wait to get invited or introduced; instead, reach out and introduce yourself. Make sure people throughout the organization know who you are. Be an active participant in meetings of consequence that occur within the company. Get outside your comfort zone and ask to take on high-visibility projects.

Q: During annual performance reviews, do you recommend clearly communicating that your career goal is to become GC?

A: Most companies take GC succession seriously and invest in identifying and developing internal talent for the succession bench. As with other aspects of your career, be proactive and strategic—make sure senior leadership knows your career goal is to become GC. Start having those conversations at an appropriate time and build from there. Having those conversations will enable you to position yourself for growth within your current organization and start evaluating other opportunities if there is no clear path forward at your current organization.


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